Twice-Fried Plantains

4 very ripe plantains

1 cup of vegetable oil



1. Slice the plantains into 1/2 inch thick chips on a bit of an angle. And sprinkle with salt.

2. In a cast iron pan or small skillet, heat the oil over medium high heat. When the oil is hot (about 4 minutes) add a layer of plantains flat in the pan and not too close together. Cook for 2 minutes on each side until deep golden brown. Work in batches and remove cooked plantains to a plate lined with several layers of paper towels.

3. While the second batch of plantains is frying, place a paper towel over them and use a plate or cutting board to smash the plantains down. Repeat with the second batch.

4. Return the smashed plantains to the oil and fry once more, about two minutes on each side. Drain on fresh paper towels and serve with a sprinkle of salt.